The Reality of Going Plant-Based in College


August 2016 I officially declared myself plant-based. What is means (for me personally at least), is that I rarely ate eggs or dairy and had meat maybe once a week. I swapped bread for russet potatoes and vanilla coffee creamers for vegan creamers.

I was not a vegan.

Let me repeat that.

I was not a vegan.

When I defined myself as plant-based, it meant my diet functioned around plant-based staples. I did this up until April 2017. Today, I want to hit you with the reality of what this was like.

The Pro’s

1. Thinning Out.

It is true that you will naturally lose weight on a plant-based diet if you do it right. My sides instantly leaned out, which I loved. But my lower stomach held onto much weight still. (I worked out 5-6 days a week ranging from 30 – 90 minutes at a time).

2. No more “fogginess”.

You’ve probably heard of the term “food coma.” This is literally a side effect from eating meat. By eating mainly plants, my mind felt ten times clearer and sharper.

3. Loads and loads of energy.

I am a naturally energetic person. My friends sometimes refer to me as “The Energizer Bunny” or a “fireball.” Eating plant based provided me with even MORE energy. This is because you are consuming so much glucose (the good sugars) that your body uses for energy.

4. Whole Foods.

As a result of eating plant based, you will just naturally begin to eat more wholesome foods, which in the long run, is VERY good for you. It plays a key role in losing weight on a plant based diet!

5. Exploring different tastes and try new foods.

Eating plant based can be quite limiting. Never in my life did I think I would try half the foods I did. I made TONS of Earthy Andy’s delicious smoothie bowls and religiously watched plantifulsoul’s YouTube videos for recipe ideas.

6. Mindful Eating.

Eating plant based is NOT easy. Everywhere you go you meet temptations and limitations. Of course, I could have meat if I wanted it or that cheesy burrito, but I told myself I couldn’t in an effort to be healthier.


1. Difficult to build muscle.

For as much as I was working out, it seemed unbelievably difficult to see any true results. I had baby muscles here and there, but the reality of it was that I was not consuming enough protein to build the muscles. You can still consume a lot of protein on a plant-based diet it’s just really, really, REALLY difficult.

2. Being constantly hungry.

Sometimes, a plant based meal would hold me over for a pretty long time. But a “pretty long time” averaged out to be about 2 hours before my stomach was rumbling. A lot of the time, thirty minutes after eating, I was hungry again!

3. Makes your stomach sensitive.

When on a plant-based diet, you’re consuming a LOT of sugar. But not the bad kind! In fact, I rarely consumed refined sugars. It was all glucose – which is essential to helping your body function. This sugar after awhile can harm your stomach lining, causing bloating and overall discomfort. Not a good feeling!

4. Come with a stacked wallet.

Many people will argue that eating plant based is cheaper. I beg to differ. I ended up having to buy more food because the plant-based way of life does not hold you over for as long. In addition, you will end up buying many more “organic” foods which are usually $1-2 more.

All in all, going plant-based was a good experience! I’m happy I did it for the time that I did, and if I ever need a “re-set” or some kind of body cleanse, I would easily do it again. But for now, I am back to eating normally – meat and all!

Want to try going Plant Based yourself but not sure where to start? Download my weekly grocery list by clicking the link BELOW!


Plant-Based Grocery List (1)

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.22.06 PM

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