Focus on You.

By: Erica Statly

“You must learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.”

Sound familiar? This quote gets tossed around quite a bit in today’s day and age of glorifying heartbreak and depression. I’m here to tell you that there is only one thing beautiful about crying yourself to sleep at night and losing your identity to the demon of depression: getting out of that hole. It’s time to get your life together, girl. Stop throwing yourself a pity party every night. Whether you’re crying because that boy didn’t text you back or that girl cheated on you, it doesn’t matter. It happened. It’s over. And now it’s time to heal and move on.


To begin, I want you to try an exercise. Grab a fresh piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the paper write: “Five Things I Like to Do” and number your paper 1-5. Then flip the paper over and number it again 1-5. Flip the paper back over. Now, without giving it ANY thought, write down five things you like to do. GO. This is what my first page looked like:


Now, sit for a moment and truly contemplate on what you like to do. Here’s what my second list looks like:


Which relates more closely with what you like to do? For me, the first list was shallow and what I’ve been trained to think I should like to do, or simple things I do every day but may not enjoy. My second list is thought out, things that actually bring a smile to my face!

Personal Health

Personally, the number one concept I throw out the window when I get “caught up in life” is my own health. Sleep is the first sacrifice. Then healthy eating. Then workouts. Then homework time. Suddenly, I’m losing money because I’m giving up work shifts just to have fun. FOCUS. ON. YOU. Is this truly bettering you? Is this where you need to be? Is it even where you WANT to be? Question it.

Who are you?

Do you truly know yourself? Take some time, and do something simple. Take a Buzzfeed quiz. It sounds stupid, I know. The results will not necessarily unlock some key information about yourself, but answering the questions honestly will help you get some answers and get to know yourself better.

Download this Focus on You Freebie for SEVEN different ways you can start focusing on yourself and becoming the best version of YOU.

What is one way you are going to focus on yourself today? Leave it in the comments!

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