Ace Your Finals!

By: Erica Statly

It’s officially that time of the year again! Laptops are going into overdrive with the amount of documents saved. Coffee shops are thriving off of their spike in sales. Sleep-deprived students are stumbling around campus like zombies. Yup. Finals are upon us. Get ready because this year you’re going to ace yours.

Cumulative Exam?

  • Yes, I’ve been going to class: Perfect! You’re ahead of the game. Begin by compiling your notes. Figure out your study method. Should you rewrite everything by hand? Make notecards? Type up a study guide? Make a mock exam? Study in a group?
  • No, I haven’t been going to class: It’s time to make use of your resources. Get to class. Talk to the students. See the professor. Gather all the missed information you can. Study in groups. Use Quizlet, Google searches, go to the library and rent out books. Try to make up for lost time.

Group Project?

  • Get your group members phone numbers and use a group chat to keep everyone on track. Make a list of due dates and schedule meetings accordingly. Outsource as much work as possible and delegate the rest of the tasks among group members. Aim to meet 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes to reduce stress and get more done.


My Trick: When I study, I begin my compiling all of my notes/old tests/quizzes/lectures posted online/etc into a Powerpoint/Prezi. From there, I create a mock exam. I study the Powerpoint up until two days before the exam. I utilize this prep time to get with students/my professor to clear up any foggy points. Then I take the mock exam, allow myself quite a few hours, grade the mock exam and then the day before the exam, I go over all the information I missed or don’t quite understand yet.

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