What’s in my Purse?

A purse is an essential all girls carry around. We stow…well very important things inside! This is the perfect guide for anyone who feels like they are always missing something, or if you are the kind of girl who always overpacks your bag!

Inside I keep a very minimal amount of things:

  • My phone
  • My keys (which are on a lanyard with my license, cards, chap stick and emergency concealer and some loose Aleve pills as well lol)
  • Emergency protein bar
  • Emergency tampon

Being a college girl, I have learned that simplicity is the key to everything. If and when I carry a purse, it will always be a cross body (hint: these are harder for predators to grab). Otherwise this is a backpack, the glovebox of my car or shoved into coat/jean pockets.

Very minimalistic but very effective for a girl who’s always on the go!

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