Spring Clean Your Life

I am the QUEEN of organized chaos. Sometimes the week gets away from me (19 hour non-stop days can get kind of tiring) and my room ends up a disaster. But I promise you, I know where 97% of my sh*t is. Buuut, come spring time, I like to clear it all out. An open space makes more room for the sunshine to spill out onto your room, and helps usher in the season of renewal!

Here is a simple go-to guide for spring cleaning your ENTIRE life!

School: Start with your binders. Make a pile for everything. What are you throwing out? What’s super important? What might be a good idea to hold onto? Then organize by class. Throw out pens that don’t work, useless worksheets, etc. Sharpen your pencils, restock your stapler and give your backpack a nice spritz of air freshener!

Work: Work in a restaurant? Give your shoes a nice scrub. Work in a nice office? Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. Push winter clothes to the back of the closet and pull forward sundresses and flowy tanks.

House/Apartment: Go through your kitchen. Throw out old, expired food and reorganize your pantry! Clean the dishes and scrub the counters. Mop and sweep the floor and place fresh flowers in the middle of the dining table. Wash the windows, dust the drapes. Move onto the living room: vacuum the carpet, dust countertops, fold the heavy winter blankets up for good, fluff the pillows and open the drapes. Vacuum the stairs and all the bedrooms. Go through every item in your bedroom and clean it out! Make a pile of clothing to give away. In your bathroom, scrub the sink, toilet, shower and floor. Reorganize the shelves. Throw out expired products, wash the toothbrush holder, wash the mirror, place a new air freshener in there. Stock the toilet paper, wash the hand towels.

Car: Wash the windows, get a car wash (there’s usually student discounts) and clean out all the crap from inside the car! Throw the scraper and your gloves in the trunk. Out of side, out of mind…see ya winter! Treat yourself to a full tank of gas.

Now you’re ready to take on the new season with a fresh mind and a clean life!

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